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See Me, Save Me, Motorcycle Awareness

Thank You for Supporting Motorcycle Awareness & Fallen Riders

Together We Can Make A Difference

Ride Safe  

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Welcome to our site

Mission:  Raise Motorcycle Awareness, & Promote Saftey 

For YEARS I've seen men, women, family members and friends get killed or Injured because people don't pay attention when they are driving.  They are either not LOOKING TWICE, Texting on Phones or plain and simply not watching what they are doing.  Several years ago I built a FACEBOOK page to promote Motorcycle Awareness and now have a need for a web site to try to go global. 

I'm going to use all the Social Media available to reach as many people as I can, in order to help my fellow Brothers and Sisters get home safely.

There you can Like the page and share any of the Awareness photos posted in the photo albums to help promote Motorcycle Awareness, will Millions of FACEBOOK users we should be able to make a difference and keep Motorcycles in peoples minds and hopefully in their sites!

Enjoy your day and ride safe!
Sue "REBEL" Sweet


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